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Dec 2019

Harakeke/Totarol oil

We have combined these two unique New Zealand icons to make a stable active oil which
not only fights bacteria but gives wonderful properties for the skin or added to other products
and applications.

New Zealand Flax (Harakeke)
Harakeke has been a significant cultural value to the Maori people of New Zealand as a fiber plant, and for its medicinal qualities. All parts of the plant have been valued and utilized: root extracts, leaf extracts, gel, nectar, korari, leave, and muka.

NZ flaxseed oil is rich in linoleic acid/omega 6 (as distinct from linen flax seed oil, which is rich in linolenic acid/omega 3. Linoleic acid is more stable than linolenic acid: both are essential fatty acids in human and animal nutrition.

Harakeke as a body oil
Harakeke oil has a wonderful hydrating properties, with its significant source of phytosterols, which help to regulate healthy shin cell rejuvenation and repair, while soothing and calming the skin.

The mighty Totara is one of the largest trees in New Zealand forest. Prized by Maori for the remarkable qualities of its timber – the wood could be readily split and shaped and was highly resistant to rot, those same properties made it a valuable timber to the first European settlers. And now, what makes totara timber so strong, durable, and impervious to rot has been extracted and refined – Mende Biotech is the first company in the world to develop, commercialize and trademark Totarol™.

Totarol’s abundance of antioxidants inhibits the degradation of lipids (the molecules that act as the structural support of the cell membranes). It does this by going after the reactive oxygen species (ROS) that damage lipids and cells overall. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties fight antibacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria by disrupting the bacterial cell, it creates an environment that starves bacteria of any environment for it to survive in, while not harming any of the other useful microorganisms. 

HT (Harekeke/Totarol) oil can be added into cosmetic ingredients, a stand-alone body oil, or we can add other oils to make another final product.

Download “Harakeke/Totarol oil” as a PDF

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Aug 2016

The World’s New Natural Active

Totarol, The Worlds new natural active. New Zealand native plant, recycled Podocarpus totara tree used for medicines and oils. Totarol is a naturally occurring plant extract with potent anti-bacterial activity agains gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

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