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Podocarpus Totara

Podocarpus totara is one of the giants of the New Zealand forest. It grows up to thirty metres high, with a diameter of up to two meters and characterised by its thick, furrowed bark. The wood is red, straight-grained and easy to work. Although rather brittle, it is one of the most durable timbers known.

In the early days of European settlement in New Zealand, totara was used extensively for house piles, house frames, fence posts, telegraph poles, railway sleepers and bridges. Being resistant to the Teredo worm, it was perfect in the piling of many early wharves.

Because of this extensive use and because the wood does not rot due to the Totarol™ content, there is an abundant, sustainable source of timber, which will guarantee a constant long-term supply for decades to come.

Totarol™ Products

Totara posts, logs and other wood
Totara piles from old houses
Chipped totara, ready for processing