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Doug Mende
Doug Mende

Mende Biotech Ltd started in March 1999 for the development and manufacture of Totarol™. Mende Biotech Ltd developed a novel, patented, supercritical extraction process to give us our unique product, Totarol™.

Founder and Managing Director Doug Mende comes from an environmental and conservation background, specialising in New Zealand unique ecological resources. Doug has set up numerous land management projects over the years, including plantations dealing with research and development programs, showing the development of New Zealand’s plants for medicines and oils. This helps promote better land and forest management and planting of our native plants.

In recent years Mende Biotech Ltd has developed delivery systems and synergistic compounds to work with Totarol™ to develop antibiotic replacement in animal and human health; this has produces products many times more potent than penicillin for example.

The study of more New Zealand native bio actives is ongoing due to New Zealand’s unique ecology and isolation 80% of New Zealand plants is unique to New Zealand.

Totarol™ from the mighty Totara tree is unique to New Zealand and can only be manufactured in New Zealand with the only supplier being Mende Biotech Ltd. .

Essentially New Zealand Limited


Essentially New Zealand Limited is the international marketing representative of Mende Biotech Ltd and also offers other New Zealand based companies in this field international market development and export representation. The company also acts as a sourcing agent for International Companies seeking New Zealand produced raw materials or goods. Managing Director is Reinhard Hueber, a partner in Mende Biotech Ltd.

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